Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo – FIM and FIA Inspection

Today and for the first time ever in a circuit, a joint homologation session between FIM Safety Officer Franco Uncini, FIA Inspector Carlos Bertrand was held in Autodromo de las Termas de Rio Hondo.

At the meeting on the brand new racetrack were present also Javier Alonso from Dorna, the TV Rights holder of MotoGP™ and World Superbikes Championships, the racetrack designer Jarno Zaffelli , Orly Terranova, MotoGP Event promoter, Arturo Scalise from CAMOD and Mr. Hector “Toti” Farina, autodromo’s director.

The meeting was extremely productive highlighting very few requests on details from both FIM and FIA, demonstrating the precise work done during all the design and construction phases.

With a design inspired by keeping the track fast and enjoyable, the racetrack was designed entirely by Dromo using latest DroCAS™ technologies to calculate run off areas for both MotoGP and Formula 1, requiring no modifications at all in phase of homologation.

The meeting was followed by some laps around the track with a bike with Franco Uncini as a “special guest rider”.

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MotoGP™: Preparations continue at Termas de Rio Hondo circuit

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