We create unique places, WorldWide

At Dromo we do not only design circuits, as others.

We do design motorsport venues. We simulate them, we calculate them, with a yet to be surpassed scientific approach. And we help to build and manage them, worldwide.

Our added value is that everything is finalised to get the best options with the maximum efficiency, from environmental sustainability to safety, from operations to managing costs.

Our experience will be your best warranty. Not our renown skills in designing Circuit Safety. Or our passion, that fullfill our projects. Our know-how will be your best choice.

Jarno Zaffelli – Dromo’s Founder and CEO

Over recent years many of the new F1 and smaller circuit developments have failed to deliver on every level. Our team is committed to create the next generation of racing circuits, with great racing, overtaking, world class facilities & architecture; but above all we believe in creating venues integrated with the surroundings and the communities.

From our experience we understand how proving ground projects are essential to enhance and encourage car development, including future ADAS implementations.

We have a tried and tested circuit methodology that offers a fresh & unique approach to circuit design. Our use of multiple track design simulators (up to MotoGP and F1 performance levels) helps guarantee to deliver the needed result.

We use advanced visualisations to facilitate easy communication of our core concepts and ideas.

We believe in considered design that is ‘Value for money’, in terms of efficient and experience.

We understand different user groups, exclusive clubs their exclusivity and hospitality requirements. We understand the importance of dealing with contractors, especially in the local markets of asphalt production and laying.

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